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Never Going to Give You Up

     I really, truly wish I were more familiar with WordPress. If I were, I would insert a video here and laugh and tell you I had Rick Rolled you. Alas, I am not proficient enough with this platform….yet. You have been warned.

     So, yesterday was a pretty big day for me here in the blogging world. Bolthouse Farms, the maker of the yummy, yummy dressing I was telling you about yesterday, read my blog and tweeted me. It takes such small things to make me happy. Speaking of small things, Sundays make me happy. The Walking Dead returns tonight! The weather is beautiful. I am getting better on my walking. Little things that add up to make a very nice day. I am going to have to extend my walking route. What once took me 30 minutes at a brisk pace, now takes me 20 minutes at a moderate pace. I would have extended my walk, but Alice wanted to come home. She is still very tired from attending Winter Jam last night. Because I am a heart patient, Mickey does not like me to walk alone. So, I came home.

     One of the small things I enjoy about Sundays is brunch. There are certain foods, I am never going to give up, so I wait until Sunday and have a nice leisurely brunch. They aren’t big things, in fact my decadent brunch only contained 312 calories. However, some of them are things I don’t think I should have everyday.

     For instance, I dearly love coffee. However, I like my coffee more as a mocha latte. I don’t put sugar in my coffee, but I do “doctor” it up. I enjoy my coffee with a packet of cocoa mix and 4 tablespoons of cinnamon vanilla creamer. Each tablespoon of creamer has 30 calories, so 4 tablespoons has 120 calories. Now, I could have coffee everyday with some stevia and some skim milk and I could probably add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and have a half version of my favorite coffee. I don’t want to do that, though. I would rather drink hot tea (which I also enjoy) with a little honey 6 days of the week and indulge in my favorite coffee drink one day of the week. I sure do sip and savor that cup of coffee. It is like heaven in a mug.

     I also love real butter and bacon. Mmmmmm. So, on Sunday, I put half a teaspoon of butter on my rye bread and toast it. I also cut a piece of bacon in half and fry it up. Before I fry my bacon, I cook my egg in my favorite non-stick skillet and even sprinkle just a teeny bit of salt over it. I would much rather enjoy this breakfast once a week than just give up butter and bacon and mocha lattes. I could sub in turkey bacon and I could use some type of margarine and probably have this breakfast every day. I’d rather have the real thing and not give anything up I want to eat.

     Other things I won’t give up are sour cream and mayonnaise. I have many friends who swear they can substitute plain Greek yogurt for sour cream. I tried it. I truly did. I HATED it. I would rather have no sour cream than plain yogurt on my baked potato or taco. I generally don’t use it now, but every two weeks or so, I will plan a meal where I include one tablespoon of Daisy. I also still make egg salad and chicken salad. I just cut the amount of mayonnaise I use in half or even thirds. It is just not egg salad or chicken salad or tuna salad or potato salad without my Dukes mayonnaise.

     I will substitute on a sandwich, though. I have given up mayonnaise on my sandwiches. I have substituted Kelchner’s Horseradish sauce. It is nice and spicy and takes much less than the serving size of a full teaspoon, which has no calories. It is in the refrigerator section of the grocery store, usually over by the seafood. It is another food with nothing artificial and with no preservatives and I LOVE it. You can find it here: https://www.kelchnershorseradish.com/products/horseradish.html

     Are there any foods you won’t give up? Have you found any great substitutions? Let me hear from you. Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I am hoping for at least a two pound loss.


Disclaimer: I have received nothing from Daisy Sour Cream, Dukes Mayonnaise or Kelchner Horseradish sauce. Not even any coupons off their products. They do not know I exist. But Bolthouse Farms does!!!! (Know I exist, they haven’t given me anything for a mention.)


12 thoughts on “Never Going to Give You Up

  1. I just found your blog yesterday and I LOVE it. You are witty and inspiring. Very much can relate to so many things you post about. Good luck on your journey. We are re-starting ours tomorrow, including Jillian Michaels DVD to kick our butts. SUPER excited….okay, not excited at all, but I keep telling myself I am SUPER excited. Okay- still not working. Advil will be ready and waiting for me afterward. CHEERS to a very sore, but soon skinny us!

      • 🙂 I got the ones that she has online – you mentioned your daughter brought you over the first one to try. I think the idea of them because they are only 30 mins long. Did you ‘enjoy’ that one at all??

  2. I really like your take on eating your favorite food on a specific day. I always feel like I need to “give it all up, can’t have any of it” then I miss my favorite foods. I think I may just take a page from your book and try it out myself, maybe I’ll get further in my journey this time :p thanks for posting this! 😀

    • It is how I have to look at it. As a life change, not as a diet. So far, I am losing according to schedule and I have eaten chocolate, wings, anything I want. Just on special days and in a limited quantity. I don’t feel as if I am missing a thing, which makes it easier. Good luck to you!!!!

  3. Amanda, I am so out of shape that I am not progressing at the rate Jillian expects. I am still on Week One of Ripped in 30. It kicks me behind. I do enjoy Phase One workout two of Body Revolution. I work up a sweat but I can keep up with it. Right now, I am alternating the two along with stationary biking. I figure in another 3-4 weeks I will actually be ready to progress.

  4. I know this is weird… but I started putting plain yogurt in tuna salad instead of mayo. Just enough to keep it together. Tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt and just a little relish (not even a tablespoon) and its actually really good.

    Also, Oscar Meyer low fat turkey bacon is really good. That’s another substitution that was really easy to make.

  5. I guess i am willing to give up most everything in order to reach my goal….well except for chocolate….chocolate is my downfall… But alas i can have dark chocolate maybe on my second week of my new lifestyle change….I wish you all the luck… there are so many of us struggling and going through the same battle. It’s just nice to see that there are people like me.

    • There are so many of us and we need to encourage each other! I don’t think there is a “wrong” way to approach it, unless you count eating eating disorders, I just think we each have to do what works for us. 🙂

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