Misery Business

     So, yesterday, try as I may, I could not get a minute to blog. Alice was home sick, and she was at the stage where you feel just well enough to whine and be demanding. I spent my time making milkshakes, baking bread pudding, and preparing food she felt like eating. I also spent time at the crowded grocery store, because I live in Georgia- in the area forecasted to get an inch of ice. Saturday and Sunday, I was walking outside in shorts.Tuesday, I was in the middle of the crowded grocery store. I posted on my Facebook page, I truly went to the store to get a can of reduced sodium Cream of Chicken Soup and I walked out with my soup and a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. It has to be Southern genetics. Storm=bread+milk. Even though I don’t eat white bread. I eat rye or flatbread or pita.

     At least my stove is gas. Even if we lose power, which I am praying we don’t, no one here will go hungry. We did get a good bit of ice last night and this morning. There seems to be a lull and I hope it stays that way. The thing about being in the middle of an ice storm, is I have the overwhelming urge to bake and cook. Of all the things I can’t do or am not good at doing, cooking is not one of those things. AND, I like to eat my cooking. Luckily, Alice and Mickey devoured the bread pudding, which was made with chocolate chips, custard and croissants. I ate half a cup for dessert. It was amazing.

     Today, I got up and made this for breakfast: http://www.lynnskitchenadventures.com/2013/11/cinnamon-roll-baked-oatmeal.html Cinnamon roll baked oatmeal. People, I do not even like oatmeal and this was delicious. Great for a cold, winter, iced-in day. It tasted decadent and it is HEALTHY!

     So, why is today Misery Business? I have been planning this blog post for awhile. Being fat is miserable. Oh, not only do you have to deal with the fact there are virtually no cute clothes for the heavily overweight, you also have to deal with the snide remarks people make and the looks they give you. No matter what you buy to eat, you are going to get “the look.” You know the one I am talking about. The disdainful one that says, “why are you taking up space and breathing my air, fat person?” Try being a handicapped person with an invisible disease like heart failure. Summer is horrible. I swell, swell, swell in the heat. In order to grocery shop, I have to use the ride- on carts. I get plenty of looks and have heard people say, “If she would get off that cart and walk, she might not be so fat.” Fat-shaming and fat-bullying are alive and well and are the ONLY forms of bullying that seem completely socially acceptable. I even venture to say it is encouraged.

     Additionally, try using the restroom anywhere other than in your own home. Men, you have it a little easier. I have literally (and yes, I am using the word correctly) been almost standing on my head in the WalMart restroom, as I attempt to wipe my behind. Why? Well, I would LOVE to say because my arms are too short. However, I think it is because I have a giant stomach in the way. I have often wondered if I was just going to flip over and land flat on my back in the stall. Head down towards the ground, a$$ in the air, wiping my bottom like I just don’t care.

     I also keep a raw place under my breasts. Not fun at all. Misery Business, actually. Part of it is caused by being fat, the other is caused by being large-breasted. I was a 36DD by 9th grade and I was a size 7. The girls aren’t as perky as they were back then. In fact, I am pretty sure while they aren’t quite friends with my knees yet, they do have a fairly good relationship with my belly button. I wash under them 3x a day with Dial, dry carefully, blow-dry to make sure they are REALLY dry, (Aside, my hair sweats and my breasts get blow-dried.) and apply different remedies. Since I started working out, they are getting worse, due to the sweating. I do clean immediately after exercise. It’s one of those have to get worse, before I get better.

     Even friends can be vicious. I once had a friend tell me after heart surgery that I had “done this to myself.” I was just too heart-sick and tired to tell her that no, I might be fat, and it probably didn’t help, but I have hereditary heart disease. My grandmother, who was a size 4, had a two heart attacks. My uncle who is slightly underweight has CAD and has undergone by-pass. My great-uncle dealt with CHF all his life and finally died from it. My grandfather had PAD, a close cousin to CAD.

     I am changing my lifestyle for ME, though. It just won’t work if you are doing it for others. It has to be for you and for reasons that inspire you. For me, it’s small things. I want to wear a pair of real jeans. I want to ride a real bicycle again, outside. I want to buy a cute sweater and undies from Victoria’s Secret. I want to quit sweating just from climbing a set of stairs. Oh yeah, I want to be able to wipe my fanny in a restroom without having a close, personal relationship with the floor of the stall.

Disclaimer: I received nothing from either WalMart or Victoria’s Secret for mentioning them. I can’t wear ANYTHING from VS at this point, anyway.



Celebrate Good Times, Come On

     Well dear readers, it is Monday. For me, Monday is weigh-in day. I was really dreading today’s weigh-in. Because of my CHF, I have to weigh daily, to ensure I am not holding fluid. Any gain of 3-5 pounds overnight and I have to call my doctor. Regardless of what YOU may think, you can’t gain 3-5 pounds of fat overnight. If you show such a weight gain, it is water. Even though I weigh daily, if I see a loss, I still only log what my loss is on each Monday.

     All week long, I have seen a loss of half a pound. While any loss is a loss, I’d still like to see a little more than half a pound. I am aiming for at least 2 pounds per week after all. Now, half a pound is nothing to sneeze at or blow off. There will be weeks when a half a pound is a good thing. Shoot, as I continue on with my new lifestyle (not a diet) there will probably be weeks where I see NO loss. However, this was NOT one of those weeks.

     When I stepped on the scale this morning, I showed a loss of 5.8 pounds. That means in the last month I have lost 17.4 pounds! I now weigh 282.6. This was my best weight-loss week since I started. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I got back on the scale 3 times before I rushed to tell Mickey. Now, for those of you reading who are also changing up the lifestyle and trying to lose weight, please do NOT be discouraged if you are not losing the way I am. You have to remember, I started at 300. This means I am going to have high weight losses for awhile. Then, it will taper off.

     Losing the 5.8 pounds is not my only reason for celebration. Yesterday, I got the kindest, most inspiring comment on my blog. Someone told me they had just discovered my blog, had read the entire thing and found ME inspiring. People, I don’t think I have ever been an inspiration to anyone in my entire life. It made me feel so good. Better than homemade chocolate chip cookies, even. I have spent the last few years thinking of myself as a sick person who no longer had anything much to offer to anyone. I am sure I am not the only one of us who feels this way. I also bet I am not the only one guilty of eating my feelings. The point is, that kind comment gave me another reason to celebrate.

     I want to say, changing my lifestyle is harder than quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is difficult, to say the least. But like my sister, Judy said,  “you don’t have to smoke to live, but you do have to eat.”  I have worked hard for every single one of those 17 pounds. I have let Jillian Michaels kick my fanny until I was panting on the floor and dripping sweat. I don’t mean my body was sweaty. I mean drops of sweat have been dripping off my the tip of my nose and off my hair. You know it’s bad when your hair is sweating. (OK, so it was really my scalp, but having your hair sweat sounds tougher.)

     I also have to change the way I celebrate. For instance, Valentine’s Day is Friday. Mickey and I decided instead of rewarding me with food, like a supper out or a box of candy or anything like that, we are taking a getaway. Just me and Mickey next month at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. I am looking forward to it. Oh, we will have a nice dinner and we will gamble, but I have a month to prepare and it is life. I actually feel like I am living it, not sitting in my recliner watching it pass me by.

     Because I have so much weight to lose, I am going to reward myself when I hit a milestone. When I hit 50 pounds, I am going to the spa in town and I am going to have an hour long massage, as well as a mani/pedi. When I hit 75, I am going to treat myself to a fancy haircut, color and style. I am also hoping maybe I will need a few extra items of clothing.

     The point is, every single one of us has something we can celebrate daily. Did you have water with a meal instead of soda? Did you exercise even though it was really the very last thing you wanted to do? Did you eat a piece of fruit instead of a cookie or cake? Did you eat a serving of vegetables with your supper? No matter what you have done or haven’t done today, there is something to celebrate. Maybe you were like the sweet lady who commented on my blog and simply said something nice to someone.

     Speaking of something to celebrate, how many of you watch The Walking Dead? I was so happy to see it back on television last night. Love me some zombies and some Rick and some Michonne and ESPECIALLY some Daryl. If you watch, what did you think? I thought parts were a little slow, but I really do enjoy getting to “know” each character. Do you have a favorite character? Alice loves Carl. I even got her a Carl action figure for Christmas. Carl was very inexpensive. Daryl was over 40.00. Needless to say, we don’t have him.

Disclaimer: I have received nothing from the Walking Dead. I just love the show. Again, Jillian Michaels does not know me and I am pretty glad she does not. I receive nothing from using her products except some hair sweat. I also got nothing from Harrah’s. I did get a great deal on our rooms, but that is because I purchased a Groupon.

Never Going to Give You Up

     I really, truly wish I were more familiar with WordPress. If I were, I would insert a video here and laugh and tell you I had Rick Rolled you. Alas, I am not proficient enough with this platform….yet. You have been warned.

     So, yesterday was a pretty big day for me here in the blogging world. Bolthouse Farms, the maker of the yummy, yummy dressing I was telling you about yesterday, read my blog and tweeted me. It takes such small things to make me happy. Speaking of small things, Sundays make me happy. The Walking Dead returns tonight! The weather is beautiful. I am getting better on my walking. Little things that add up to make a very nice day. I am going to have to extend my walking route. What once took me 30 minutes at a brisk pace, now takes me 20 minutes at a moderate pace. I would have extended my walk, but Alice wanted to come home. She is still very tired from attending Winter Jam last night. Because I am a heart patient, Mickey does not like me to walk alone. So, I came home.

     One of the small things I enjoy about Sundays is brunch. There are certain foods, I am never going to give up, so I wait until Sunday and have a nice leisurely brunch. They aren’t big things, in fact my decadent brunch only contained 312 calories. However, some of them are things I don’t think I should have everyday.

     For instance, I dearly love coffee. However, I like my coffee more as a mocha latte. I don’t put sugar in my coffee, but I do “doctor” it up. I enjoy my coffee with a packet of cocoa mix and 4 tablespoons of cinnamon vanilla creamer. Each tablespoon of creamer has 30 calories, so 4 tablespoons has 120 calories. Now, I could have coffee everyday with some stevia and some skim milk and I could probably add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and have a half version of my favorite coffee. I don’t want to do that, though. I would rather drink hot tea (which I also enjoy) with a little honey 6 days of the week and indulge in my favorite coffee drink one day of the week. I sure do sip and savor that cup of coffee. It is like heaven in a mug.

     I also love real butter and bacon. Mmmmmm. So, on Sunday, I put half a teaspoon of butter on my rye bread and toast it. I also cut a piece of bacon in half and fry it up. Before I fry my bacon, I cook my egg in my favorite non-stick skillet and even sprinkle just a teeny bit of salt over it. I would much rather enjoy this breakfast once a week than just give up butter and bacon and mocha lattes. I could sub in turkey bacon and I could use some type of margarine and probably have this breakfast every day. I’d rather have the real thing and not give anything up I want to eat.

     Other things I won’t give up are sour cream and mayonnaise. I have many friends who swear they can substitute plain Greek yogurt for sour cream. I tried it. I truly did. I HATED it. I would rather have no sour cream than plain yogurt on my baked potato or taco. I generally don’t use it now, but every two weeks or so, I will plan a meal where I include one tablespoon of Daisy. I also still make egg salad and chicken salad. I just cut the amount of mayonnaise I use in half or even thirds. It is just not egg salad or chicken salad or tuna salad or potato salad without my Dukes mayonnaise.

     I will substitute on a sandwich, though. I have given up mayonnaise on my sandwiches. I have substituted Kelchner’s Horseradish sauce. It is nice and spicy and takes much less than the serving size of a full teaspoon, which has no calories. It is in the refrigerator section of the grocery store, usually over by the seafood. It is another food with nothing artificial and with no preservatives and I LOVE it. You can find it here: https://www.kelchnershorseradish.com/products/horseradish.html

     Are there any foods you won’t give up? Have you found any great substitutions? Let me hear from you. Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I am hoping for at least a two pound loss.


Disclaimer: I have received nothing from Daisy Sour Cream, Dukes Mayonnaise or Kelchner Horseradish sauce. Not even any coupons off their products. They do not know I exist. But Bolthouse Farms does!!!! (Know I exist, they haven’t given me anything for a mention.)

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby

     I have to admit. I am not the kind of weight-loss person that is going to give up any particular food or group of foods. For those of you that can, I say well done and amazing. But, that is just not me. I don’t want to ever say that I can’t have mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. I don’t want to give up fried foods and sugar. Obviously, I am not going to eat them every day. I may not eat them every week. But, I know they are there if I want them.

     Once, in 2012, when Ariel was getting ready to marry Eric, Alice and I went carb free for two weeks in order to lose a few pounds to fit in our dresses. It was a nightmare. Alice gets very cranky without her carbs. At the end of week two, we had both lost quite a few pounds. We’d also lost a few friends. I finally broke down and made Alice some cheesy mashed potatoes. Then, I ate some. Then, I went shopping for just a little larger dress. (Side note: Alice is NOT overweight. She THINKS she is, but she is not. Alice is curvy, but Alice is only a size 9…with a belt.)

     The dress shopping was interesting. I decided to try a pair of Spanx. My good friend Ursula took me shopping. I grabbed the Spanx and began to pull them on. They got halfway up my thighs and started to roll. I grabbed those suckers and yanked and pulled and jumped. They slowly moved up about a quarter of an inch. Sweat was pouring off me, and I kept jumping and tugging and contorting. Ursula finally grabbed my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said “Stop! You’re scaring me!! I’m afraid you’re going to have another heart attack.” That was the very end of me and Spanx. I honestly think My Fitness Pal should include putting on Spanx as a cardio workout.

     But, I digress. I do that a lot. The real thing refers, in THIS case, to food. I just don’t understand giving up REAL food for chemicals. Case in point, butter. Now, butter has a bad rap. I am not advocating that you go out and slather butter on everything, or cook with lots of butter. I am the Fat Girl Next Door, not Mrs.Butterton. Although, one of my most requested dishes used to be my roasted chicken with a pound of butter. But you know what? I am NOT giving you the recipe. It’s utterly delicious and very fattening. However, I am digressing again. It just seems to me that natural butter would be much better for you than whipped and creamy chemicals. I would rather have a small bit of butter on my toast, than a large helping of chemicals. It’s all about moderation people.

     I also don’t understand the fat-free and light salad dressings. Again, chemicals. Even the regular stuff on the shelves is full of chemicals and stabilizers. I have found a dressing I love. It’s Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch. It is in the refrigerator section of the grocery store and it is made with buttermilk and yogurt and salsa. Even Alice and Mickey like it. It isn’t fat-free, nor is it calorie free, but 2 tablespoons only have 45 calories and it tastes delicious! Bolthouse has a wide variety of selections and NONE are made with chemicals. They also have Vinaigrettes around 25 calories. You can find all the varieties here: http://www.bolthouse.com/products/dressings

     I have also pretty well given up sodas. Cans and bottles full of chemicals that were probably killing me. That;s because I drank a minimum of 36 sodas a week and honestly, it was more like 42-50. I drank at LEAST 6 a day, if not more. I still have the occasional Ginger Ale, because it settles my stomach and I have really battled nausea this week for some reason.

     Do any of you, dear readers, have a real food you prefer? If so, I would love to hear about it. I am all about hints and tips and ideas. Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Disclaimer: I have received nothing from either Bolthouse Farms or any butter company. No money, no free butter, no free dressing, no coupons to save money on butter or dressing, no mention of me on THEIR blogs. Nothing, nada, zip. Oh, and nothing from Spanx either. Not that I could get them on. In fact, if Spanx was aware of me, I would probably just be an embarrassment to the company. Nothing like picturing a fat, sweaty, red-faced, older lady jumping up and down and panting to sell your product.

Get Into the Groove

     I am back! Did you miss me? I was having laptop issues, at least I thought I was. I could not connect to the WiFi. I was convinced my fatty cat had destroyed the laptop. Turns out, the little WiFi doohickey had been turned off. I actually tried to blog from my phone, but after three times of peering over my bifocals to see the extremely tiny print, I gave up.

     I have had a LOT of trouble gettin’ into the groove this week. I am not overeating or eating badly, I just have had NO appetite. I am not eating my calories. Right now, I am SUPPOSED to eat around 1,430 calories and no less than 1,200. I haven’t felt very well. No flu, just low-grade nausea. I am also extremely tired. My uneducated non-doctor guess is that it is a vicious circle. I am not hungry, so I am not eating, which makes me nauseated. Because I am not eating and nauseated, I am tired. Because I am so tired, I haven’t been exercising the way I should. Because I am not exercising, I am not hungry. Which means, so far this week I have lost……absolutely, positively NOTHING.

     Additionally, there has been drama at the house. Alice broke up with her boyfriend. I admit, I was worried HE was going to break her heart. Instead, little Alice broke his. Of course, no one expects a freshman high school relationship to last. I just feel badly for the boy. It is one week from Valentine’s Day. Alice seems just fine with the break-up. I suspect there is another boyfriend waiting in the wings. I am not sure I am going to survive Alice and her various romances.

     So, my goals for getting into the groove are to: eat all my calories, exercise in the morning so I am NOT too tired by the end of the night, and continue to eat good foods. That part hasn’t become too hard. I have developed a fondness for Tribe Everything Hummus. I know how to make a great homemade hummus, but this is like the hummus crack to me.

     Any of you found a healthy food you are now loving?

     It’s good to be back!


Disclaimer: You guessed it. No free hummus from Tribe and no money for mentioning them.


I’m Not Sick; I’m Just a Little Unwell

     I was very disappointed in last night’s Super Bowl. I am not a fan of either team, but I hate runaway games. I want to see a good, close, fight it out to the bitter end game. Last night’s was boring. Even the commercials didn’t live up to their usual standards. I did enjoy the Radio Shack commercial with the 80s icons. The Budweiser ads were cute as well, but none were just simply amazing. However, I really enjoyed Bruno Mars at half-time. Best half-time show in years, at least to me.

     I woke up this morning feeling nauseated. Not a hangover, because I only had two glasses of wine, Each glass was consumed between 4pm and 6pm. After that, I switched to unsweetened tea with lemon. I thought maybe it was just the amount of different types of foods I had consumed. I tracked everything I ate though and nothing jumped out. I made my healthy bean dip and had a serving of it with some baked chips. Those were in individual serving bags, and I only ate one bag, so I didn’t OD on chips.

     I ate spinach dip, but I eschewed crackers and only ate celery, carrots and broccoli with it, so no real damage there. I had chicken wings, but mine were broiled and were served sans sauce. I had two brownie bites and two bites of cake. This was all spread out of 4 hours. There was no “pigging out.” I went over my calories by 400, but 300 of that was from my two glasses of wine.

     I finally narrowed it down, I think. I believe I am becoming lactose intolerant in my old age. I don’t seem to have a problem with fermented dairy such as hard cheeses, yogurts, even fro-yo. The last time I felt like this was about a month after my gallbladder surgery, which was in May of 2013. I went with a friend in June to try a new restaurant. For dessert, I had a slice of cheesecake and felt horrible afterwards. I have found that finishing milk after a bowl of cereal makes me feel slightly queasy. Ice cream and milkshakes all seem to sit very heavily on my stomach as well. The spinach dip I ate last night had cream cheese in it, as well as two appetizers another friend had made.

     I have no problem eating light today. I can’t stand the thought of eating much of anything. I had some green tea for breakfast. I was hoping it would settle my tummy. No such luck. I took a nap and hoped that would help. Again, no. I drank a bottle of water and that made it worse.

     I finally broke down and cracked open a Coca-Cola to sip. I haven’t had any type of soda in three weeks. I also have eaten a Jello cup. I used to be a soda addict. Seriously, I drank at LEAST 36 a week, if not more. It was probably more. I know 6 a day was nothing for me at all. I was a little nervous about sipping this one. Truthfully? It tastes way too sweet. So did the Jello. Not only have I not been putting much sugar in my mouth lately, I also haven’t put artificial sweeteners in my mouth either. My sugar intake has come from apples and blueberries and the occasional piece of 80% dark chocolate, which doesn’t taste sweet at all. I’ve gotten used to drinking seltzer water with fruit flavors. I am going to keep sipping the Coke, because my tummy is feeling less queasy, but I have a feeling it will take all night. 

     I am also using today as my rest day. Any movement makes me feel urpy. I also think it would be stupid to pick up weights or truck it outside on an empty stomach. This needs to go away though, so I can get back on track tomorrow.

     The good news? Didn’t gain an ounce last night. I had a great time with my friends and never felt deprived or even hungry. In the end, that is really what matters.

Disclaimer: Coca-Cola did not give me anything in exchange for mentioning the fact I am sipping their syrupy concoction to settle my nausea.No pay, no freebies.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

     Just checking in on this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday. Weather in the low 60s here, with lots of sunshine. Sunday is one of my two “rest days.” I really should call it my “light day.” I still want to keep moving, even if I’m not getting down and dirty. Jillian gets to sit all by herself in the DVD player. The weights sit all alone on the table. The bike gets a small rest. Rather than a moderate ride (13-14.9 mph) or a vigorous ride (35 minutes at 17-20 mph) I take a light ride. Just enough to keep moving.

     Mickey and I took advantage of the nice weather and took Marley out for a walk. Of course my “brisk” walk, is his regular walk. I’m right around 5’2 and Mickey is almost 6′. Not only am I on the short side, I have short legs.

     I am off to make some healthy black bean dip. Many recipe sites, like the one I got this recipe from, also call it Black Bean Hummus. To me, unless it has Tahini (sesame seed paste), it is NOT hummus, it is a dip. However, I am sure it is just a matter of semantics. If you’d like to try it, here is the recipe: http://www.pbs.org/parents/kitchenexplorers/2013/04/18/spicy-black-bean-dip/

     Hope you enjoy the game. I don’t have a dog in this fight, so I am watching it for the commercials and for Bruno Mars. Check back with me tomorrow so I can let you know of any snack damage I have sustained.


Disclaimer: Sadly, Bruno Mars did not give me anything for mentioning him. He doesn’t know I exist. Of course, I think I am old enough to be his mother.

Everybody’s Workin for the Weekend

     I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. Alice is not here this weekend, so the house has been pretty quiet with just me and Mickey and the animals. I’ve worked out and watched television with Mickey. Last night, we even cooked dinner together. I chopped and he sauteed. I had been craving sausage, peppers, and onions. Mickey is a New Joisey boy, so he loves them. Last night, we tried the Guy Fieri Tequila Lime Chicken sausages. Only 110 calories per sausage. so that is not bad at all. They were spicy and tasty. We sauteed some sweet mini peppers and Vidalia onion. They helped cut the spice. I could get a very faint hint of lime, but I never tasted the tequila. For 110 calories and minimal fat, these are something I will eat again when I crave the sausage/brat/hotdog family.

     I cheated today. I went ahead and weighed myself and took today’s weight. It was the same weight as yesterday. Yes, I am one of those bad girls who weighs herself daily. At any rate, the weight was 288.6, so I have lost 2.6 pounds since Monday. No wonder my shoes didn’t fit!!! Anyway, tomorrow is the Super Bowl. A friend of mine is hosting her annual Super Bowl Party and Mickey and Alice and I will be attending. I really do not want to step on the scale the Monday after her party. So, I did it today.

     I intend on making some healthy choices. She has agreed to broil me some wings over a broiler pan, equipped to catch grease. I also sent over another pack of those yummy sausages. Additionally, I will choose veggies to eat with the various dips. She is an amazing cook and I know I will snack. But isn’t that the point? If this is TRULY a lifestyle change and NOT a diet, don’t I and anyone else trying to lose weight need to live like “normal people?” Normal people enjoy parties. They snack. BUT. They know how to stop when they are full. They realize you can’t always have the glass of wine and the dessert. Or, they enjoy a light and healthy breakfast and lunch, work out in anticipation of the extra calories, and then go and have fun. Which is what I intend to do. After all, nobody enjoys having a martyr at their parties. “Oh, no, *sigh* I can’t have that. I’m on a DIET. *Bigger sigh* But, you go on ahead. I don’t mind. After all, YOU can afford to eat it.” Now, nobody feels like eating. Blech. I don’t want to be THAT person.

     On a lighter note, one of the sons, noticing the way Mickey, Alice and Ariel have Disney names has requested Mufasa as his name. It works. He is married to Sarabi and has two children, Simba the eldest and Simba the youngest. Hey, if George Foreman can name all his kids George Foreman, I can certainly name all my grandsons Simba. I am unsure what to mane the other three sons. I know the other daughter will be Coraline, because she moved away. I used to threaten to sew buttons in her eyes to make her stay. She lives way up in Illinois. Mufasa and his family currently live in Germany, but should be home and stationed in Kansas by this summer.

     Mickey thinks his name should be Magic Mike. THAT is NOT happening. It does make me laugh, however. I dearly love that man. The kids would kill me if I started calling him that. He also is not crazy about the name of my blog. He thinks I am putting myself down, but I’m not. I am accepting who I am, admitting who I am, and changing who I am. Just think, by June I may be “The Blogger Formerly Known as The Fat Girl Next Door.”

     So, do you, my dear readers have plans for Super Bowl Sunday? And who are you pulling for?

     As always, please take advantage of the subscribe button so you don’t miss any of my musings. After all, we are all in this life together.


Disclaimer: I received no compensation from Guy Fieri for talking about his sausages. I also received no free sausages, sadly. Again, he is another person who is unaware of my existence. I do think I should be the host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, except I would probably be the Dead Girl from Overeating Next Door. If you are interested in trying the sausages, his website does have a 1.00 off coupon. http://www.guyfieri.com/walmartsausages/






These Shoes Were Made for Walking

     Today, it finally warmed up here in the South. After days of ice and snow and frigid temps, this Fat Girl was happy to see some sunshine and warmer temps. We have a little chihuahua. His name (real) is Marley. He is mainly Alice’s dog, although for the MOST part, Mickey and I take him out and feed him. Alice is spending the night with her good friend Ann Marie, so when Marley let me know he needed to go outside I decided to give the poor puppy a longer walk then the yard lap he generally gets. I know he was just as glad as I to see some sun.

     I told Mickey I felt like taking Marley for a walk around the block. After promising to take my phone with me, Marley and I set out for our walk. Let me say for those of you who do not know, I have had two heart attacks and by-pass surgery, as well as suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. So, Mickey worries when I venture out on my own. This is why I had to take my phone.

     Marley was in HEAVEN. It’s Friday, which is trash day in my neighborhood. So many people still had their trashcan at the curb. Marley happily anointed each one. The walk was only 10 minutes. I might have made a second lap, except for two issues.

     One, I did not take a water bottle with me and I was getting thirsty and out of breath. That’s all I need- to collapse from dehydration in the middle of the road. Mickey would never let me out of the house again. Two, I was walking out of my shoes. Now, earlier today Mickey’s oldest daughter, Ariel stopped by. Mickey is the second marriage and between the two of us, we have seven children. Hmmm….maybe I should have named them after the dwarves…..At any rate, you will never hear or “read” me referring to them as “steps.” They are also my children. Alice, however, is the only one who is still young enough to reside at home.

     At any rate, Ariel stopped by today. She is also using My Fitness Pal and Jillian to aid her weight loss. Ariel is nowhere near my size. She really doesn’t have much to lose. Her pants today were loose all over. I could really tell she had been working hard and losing. Are my pants loose? Nope. Are my shirts too big? Negative. Where can I see my thus far 9 pound loss? IN MY FRICKIN SHOES!

     Who loses weight in their feet first? Huh? Of all the things I want to become too large, my shoes were not part of the equation. I can’t even just tighten the laces. When I was first diagnosed with CHF, I had a horrible swelling problem. My ankles, legs, entire body would just swell and hold water. Because of this, I invested in a pair of Sketchers Mules. They look like an average tennis shoe (sneaker for you Yankee readers), but they have no back. So, if I decided to swell, it was ok.

     On my walk today, I walked out of them three times. I am now able to fit in the Nike Airs I could no longer wear. But seriously, what am I supposed to do? Show all my friend my feet and say “Look, look, I can wear my OLD shoes.” ? I am thankful I can wear my old shoes, I just sure would have liked to have had my first loss in my thighs or tummy. Somewhere people would notice. Nope, not me, I lose weight in my feet.

     Tomorrow, I get to try the goodies Ariel brought me. Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, phase one and the workout strap. I slept in today after getting Alice up and ready for school, so today I simply walked the block and did a vigorous workout on the bike.

     Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend. If you like my blog, hit the handy subscribe button. Refer me to your friends. Give me feedback. It’s nice to feel well enough to write a little again.

Disclaimer: Again, Jillian Michaels does not know of my existence. I get nothing free from her. I get no pay for mentioning her on my blog. I love her DVDs, but she scares me on The Biggest Loser.

Additional Disclaimer: I have received nothing from Nike or Sketchers for mentioning the shoes I own. They have no clue I exist either.