Well, it has been over a week since I last blogged. Remember how I wasn’t feeling well? I had a horrible stomach virus. I ended up in the hospital with it. They gave me a medication for pain, that pretty well left me drooling in the corner and a medication of nausea, which I am going to go with “didn’t work”, since I also had to get one of their pretty, green puke bags. I had not thrown up since 2006. It was also the first time since heart surgery. I didn’t think my sternum would still hurt. I was wrong.

However, last Monday, thanks to Mr. Tummy Virus, I had lost 3.4 pounds. Hey, if I have to be sick, at least I can look on the bright side. Last week, I was still recovering. No energy, very weak, not much of an appetite. I also didn’t exercise. Every time I stood up, I would feel nauseated and dizzy. I am sure Jillian probably would not be very understanding. I can just hear her yelling at me, telling me not to be such a wuss. That is why you will NOT find me on “The Biggest Loser.” However, I got on the scale this morning and lost 2.4 pounds last week, for a grand total of 28.0 pounds lost in the past 65 days. My goal is 30 by May, and I am thinking I am going to make it.

This week is a little different. I am not expecting to lose anything. Mickey’s sons, Jimminy and Panic, are here visiting and I have been cooking for them. Last night, I made Irish Soda Bread and a Guiness Reduction Dipping Sauce, Shepherd’s Pie, and Bread and Butter pudding, all from Downtown Disney’s Raglan Road Irish Restaurant. Can you say amazing? Can you also say bad, bad, bad? But again, it is life and I am going to enjoy this week. Tonight is homemade chicken and dumplin’s, tomorrow night we are eating at Mickey’s parents, and Wednesday, we leave for a 3-day vacation in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. One of my all-time favorite restaurants is there and it is an incredible all-you-can-eat buffet and I intend to eat all I can. I will get back on track next week. I am still refraining from soda’s, still tracking all my food, and thus far, I haven’t gone over my allotted 1360 calories, which since my last loss, turned into 1300 calories. I know I will Wednesday-Friday, though.

I entitled this post “Changes,” because I am going through a lot of changes, recently. Yeah, I am going through THE change, but I’m not talking about that at this time. I made the decision to go back to school. Specifically, back to UGA where I left after my sophomore year. I spent the majority of last week emailing and writing people in the Registrar’s office, the Admission’s office, Financial Aid, and the Adviser’s Office. All I am waiting on now is to find out if I received enough Financial Aid to be able to afford to go back to UGA. If I have, school will start for me on my 47th Birthday.

I plan to receive a degree in Dietetics. I have learned so much as I have been on my weight loss journey. I have watched my health slowly improve by adding exercise. I am having to take a little less medication. I want to become a Registered Dietician and treat people like myself. I feel I can approach them from a position of empathy and understanding and tell them, ” I have been there. I know what you are going through.” I really feel as if I would be good at this career path. I am hoping I can earn a degree and get a job and by that time be down to half my original starting weight. I am hoping the exercise is making my heart stronger. I hope my blood pressure will regulate and stay down. I want to be able to tell Social Security, “I am no longer disabled. I can work. I am productive. I am a person, NOT a statistic.” I also hope I can manage to use the school restrooms or there are going to be some long days ahead.

There will be challenges to going back to school at my age. The biggest being my major course of study requires LOTS of science. Lots. As in 8 different science classes, BEFORE I even hit my Food Science classes. Did I mention that the last time I took a science class, it was 1985? The second challenge is going to be my age. I am going to walk into class and be mistaken for the professor. Mickey said I should have fun with it. Introduce myself, tell them I AM the professor, then tell them the class will be meeting in a completely different room.

Alice insists I probably won’t make many friends. That’s ok, though, you know? I have had some friend issues here in my real life, some I know the reason for, some I don’t. It’s still ok. Like Alice says, soon I will be very busy and between my studies, and Alice and Mickey, and my home life as a wife and mother, as well as spending time with Mickey’s parents and my Aunt and Uncle, I won’t even notice that I am not in touch with some of my friends. Some, like Miss Jenni, I will always have time for. I couldn’t do this whole thing without Jenni, sister Judy, Alice and Mickey. And of course, all of you who support me, here.

Disclaimer: I have received nothing from Ragland Road, Jillian Michaels or UGA for mentioning them in this post. However, if UGA wants to throw some financial aid my way, I am certainly not opposed.




Cold As Ice

I really wish Spring would arrive and stick around for awhile. Sunday, the temperature was a wonderful 73 degrees. Today, the high was projected at 45, but if it ever got there, it didn’t stay long. Every time I have looked at my phone, it has been in the 30-36 range, with colder temps due to the wind chill factor. It isn’t that I HATE the colder weather, in fact, it used to be my favorite time of year. Ever since heart surgery, cold weather hurts my sternum, where it was cut, my ankle, where the vein was taken, and well my knees and hips because I am getting older and because my poor joints have had to support my heavy frame for all these years.

Today was really bad. My hips and knees have hurt way down deep in the bone. Yesterday, I was in pain for another reason. One I haven’t even figured out just yet. Yesterday, I hurt like I did when I was having a gall bladder attack. Only, I no longer have a gall bladder. The pain happens every now and then for different reasons. It is intermittent and no one thing seems to set it off. It feel like a huge lead ball is located in the middle of my chest just below my sternum. It presses through to my spine and presses down on my ribs, making it hard to draw a breath. If anyone has any idea what this could be and how to avoid it, please let me know. Jenni has suggested a hiatal hernia. (Just for the record, if it is one, I think I will name it. Spell-check keeps wanting to change the name of hiatal to Latisha, which is kind of funny because that is one of my sons who I haven’t named, ex-girlfriends. it is almost apropos to name something that causes me such pain Latisha.)

Since I hurt yesterday and today, I let Jillian down. Yesterday, I rode my bike for 30 minutes. I was so tender and sore in my chest, I was afraid to bounce around a lot. Today, everything has ached so much, I have spent the day cuddled up in my recliner with my blanket. It’s ok, though. Jillian isn’t going anywhere and hopefully, tomorrow, I will be right as rain.

So, Sunday, I went to my friend Belle’s house for her annual Oscar Party. Every year, she has a party where she makes ballots and we all vote on who we think is going to win. We get one point for each of these we get correct. The winner gets a special prize. For those of you who don’t know me, I love movies. All types of movies. Every year, I make it my mission to watch every movie nominated for an award. I also watch each one that someone is nominated for in the Best and Supporting categories, as well as the documentaries, short and long and the short and long animations and the short films. Yeah, I guess I am a movie nerd. Anyway, I won by getting the most correct. I only missed three total– Best Make-Up, Best Live Short and Best Animated Short. I got the Swag Bag, which consisted of champagne, chocolates and strawberries. The chocolates will go in Alice’s lunch, the strawberries will be eaten and I am saving the champagne for my mini vacation with Mickey.

Anyway, the party was great. I ate some yummy food, and even though I had saved my calories, I still went over by ALMOST TWO THOUSAND. I liked to have died. It wasn’t the food that really was the killer. I had a load of fresh shrimp (healthy), my homemade light chicken salad with celery (healthy), some of Rapunzel’s homemade canapes which were fairly healthy, four mini pinwheel sandwich things, which weren’t too bad and three mini eclairs, again, not really too bad. Know what did me in? Five Lindor truffles at 70 calories each and the biggie? Two Mimosa’s. Mmmmmm Champagne and orange juice.

Mimosa’s aren’t something I have very often. In fact, I usually have them once a year–at the Oscar Party. They are extremely high in calories, but they make me feel so decadent and so rich. And trust me, the only time I feel rich is then. Mickey works hard and all my needs are met, and some of my wants. I am not gonna lie, though. We live paycheck to paycheck and there are some really tight weeks. Anyway, the Mimosa’s were delicious and Belle is excellent in putting them and the party together. I would say, Oscar season is probably my favorite.

In spite of over indulging in champagne and chocolates, I still managed to lose 2 pounds this week. I have now lost a total of 22.2 pounds in 51 days. I wish it were coming off faster, but it is coming off healthy, which means it has more of a chance to stay off. I am REALLY hoping the exercise will result in some muscles and will stop my skin from sagging horribly. Surgery to tuck it all back in is around 13,000.00. I don’t see me scraping that up. If the exercise doesn’t work, at least I will be a strong saggy, baggy elephant.

Any of you giving up something for Lent? I am not Catholic, but I try to give something up each year. This year, I am giving up using disposable plates and cups. We use them a lot because I do not have a dishwasher and I hate washing dishes. So, for the Lenten season, I will rejoice in my God while I wash my dishes.

That’s the thing about us Christian Southerners. We take the parts we like from each religion and kind of incorporate and make them our own. That’s also why I am going to enjoy pancakes tonight on Shrove Tuesday.

This entry has kind of been all over the place. Hey, it is a reflection of me. Where else can you read about movies, God, exercise, being fat and losing weight all in one place?

If you have any ideas on what is making me hurt, let me know. You don’t have to be a doctor or even play one on tv.

We Could Be Heroes ( Just For One Day )

I have to say I am overwhelmed, touched and at a loss. For the past week, I have received private messages, emails, and comments on Facebook. I have been told by several people I am an inspiration and a hero. No, my head hasn’t grown as fat as the rest of me. I am truly being told this, and it bewilders me. I’m just an ordinary woman who is fat and who is trying as hard as she can to get back in shape and undo the damage that has been done, by both an unhealthy lifestyle and hereditary heart disease.

When I was first thinking of this blog entry, I thought about just saying flat-out that these people were/are crazy. But then, I thought harder. I realized as I was panting and melting my way through Jillian’s cardio workout of Phase One of Body revolution, that yes. I am a hero. I am finishing what I started. I also realized that every single one of us, the tall and the small, to quote Dr. Seuss, are heroes.

Everyone of you that blogs. Each time you put your feeling out there, your life out there, for strangers to read and gawk at, every time you open yourself up, YOU are a hero. Those of you like my daughter Ariel, who battle extreme depression, every time you get dressed and make it through the day and go see your psychiatrist and your counselor, YOU are a hero. Those of you who are overweight, like me, each time you make a healthy choice, or do a workout, YOU are a hero.

Preachers and pastors, heroes. Those who stand up for the oppressed, who speak up for the bullied, REGARDLESS of the reason, heroes. Those of you who encourage others, heroes. Parents of children and teens, muddling through as best you can, YOU are a hero. Those who have been hurt by life, by love, who have been disappointed by friends, by family, yet keep an open heart and a sunny disposition, YOU are heroes. Those battling addiction, each time you choose not to do drugs, or drink, or overeat, or smoke, or refrain from a meaningless sexual encounter, YOU are a hero.

Those who teach, a hero. Doctors, lawyers, rich, poor, heroes everyone. I am not forgetting true heroes such as police, soldiers, EMS, firefighters, etc. I am just saying everyday, in some small way, each of us is a hero. Each of us inspires someone, even if we don’t know it or aren’t aware of it. There is not a person among us who is not a hero, even if it is just for one day.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

     Just checking in on this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday. Weather in the low 60s here, with lots of sunshine. Sunday is one of my two “rest days.” I really should call it my “light day.” I still want to keep moving, even if I’m not getting down and dirty. Jillian gets to sit all by herself in the DVD player. The weights sit all alone on the table. The bike gets a small rest. Rather than a moderate ride (13-14.9 mph) or a vigorous ride (35 minutes at 17-20 mph) I take a light ride. Just enough to keep moving.

     Mickey and I took advantage of the nice weather and took Marley out for a walk. Of course my “brisk” walk, is his regular walk. I’m right around 5’2 and Mickey is almost 6′. Not only am I on the short side, I have short legs.

     I am off to make some healthy black bean dip. Many recipe sites, like the one I got this recipe from, also call it Black Bean Hummus. To me, unless it has Tahini (sesame seed paste), it is NOT hummus, it is a dip. However, I am sure it is just a matter of semantics. If you’d like to try it, here is the recipe:

     Hope you enjoy the game. I don’t have a dog in this fight, so I am watching it for the commercials and for Bruno Mars. Check back with me tomorrow so I can let you know of any snack damage I have sustained.


Disclaimer: Sadly, Bruno Mars did not give me anything for mentioning him. He doesn’t know I exist. Of course, I think I am old enough to be his mother.

How Many Calories are in Ibuprofen or The Fat Girl Next Door Exercises

     Remember the whole best laid plans from yesterday? Well. Around 7pm, I went to cook my frittata. I sliced my veggies and then realized, I was out of gas. I run my stove only on propane. Our heat is electric. So, rather than deal with AmeriGas, whom I despise, we just use a little 30 pound tank. It lasts us about 2.5 months. We ended up eating leftovers and salads. It was all good. This morning, I called Tractor Supply to 1. See if they were open ( I live in the South, we had a “snow event.” That is a blog for another day) 2. To make sure they had propane. There is a propane shortage. I think it is everywhere. They were open. No propane, though. We certainly are not going to starve. I am adaptable. I also own a toaster oven, microwave oven, griddle, two slow cookers, and a deep fryer. Tonight, I am cooking fajitas. Low calorie, because it is simply seasoned beef with peppers and onions.

     I am not going to post my recipe because it is simple. However, if you need one, my friend Rachael Monaco has a great one here. Feel free to substitute chicken or beef for the shrimp. I also prefer a warm corn tortilla to save on some calories.

     Today is Wednesday. My rest day from exercise. I am so happy. I was telling my sister, Judy Jetson (name changed, privacy, yada yada yada), how much I hate exercising. She stated that EVERYONE hates exercising. I asked about people who run marathons. She stated these people had simply found an exercise they hate less than any of the others. Interesting thought.

     Let me start out saying I hate my exercise routine–With the white-hot passion of a million suns in a million different solar systems to the millionth power. BUT. It is sadly good for me. I can barely move. Every muscle deep inside is SCREAMING at me. I find it akin to torture. But my blood pressure, which has been completely unstable for years, even with meds, has run around 119/79 since I started hurting myself, torturing myself exercising. So, I SUPPOSE I will continue this.

     I have been on my lifestyle change (remember, not a diet) for almost three weeks. Week One, I spent just adjusting to tracking my food, making healthy choices, googling all my beloved fattening foods and planning. Week Two, I decided I needed a little exercise thrown in there. Mickey bought me a recumbent bike almost a year ago. I’ve spent that year decorating it for Christmas, looking at it and THINKING about exercising, moving it around my living room, offering to sell it for extra cash and sitting on it when I have more company than seating. I decided to FINALLY bite the bullet and get on it. Day One, I rode for 20 minutes and it was okay. Days two and three I bumped it to 30, still ok, but I really felt I should be doing MORE. I am unsure as to why I thought this, since I didn’t want to do anything anyway.

     For some strange, crazy reason (alien attack in my head maybe?) when we went to Wally World last Friday morning, I bought a Jillian Michaels DVD and a set of three pound hand weights. It’s the DVD “Ripped in 30.” It doesn’t say 30 what. I suppose for MOST people it is probably 30 days, but for me? MAYBE 30 weeks. I am thinking it will more than likely be 30 months and quite possibly 30 years. I can tell you I have done Week One for 5 days and I am no where near ready to move to Week Two. I am thinking HER Week One will be my Month one. The good part about this DVD is she shows modifiers and it is circuit based. Just about the time I think “I am dying, Jesus here I come.” she switches the exercise and I can somewhat breathe. I can now plank for an entire 7 seconds on a good day.

     The DVD runs about 24 minutes. I am also biking for 16 minutes at a moderate pace. I personally think it is an ATOMIC pace, but that is because I haven’t biked since I was 16. So, I am now exercising for 40 minutes. Because I am TFGND, I burn lots of calories, too. About 650 each session. I can tell because I have never had sweat fall of me the way it does when I am following Jillian. I look like the Wicked With of the West after Dorothy throws water on her. I also have a greenish hue to my skin because all that exercise makes me feel as if I were going to puke.

     I am unsure how and why anything that makes me feel as if I were going to puke is good for me. I also hate the fact that I had better do my blogging and any housework prior to the workout because once I actually do the workout, I am useless. My legs don’t even want to carry me down the hall to the bathroom. Then, they don’t want to squat, so I can sit on the toilet. Once down, they don’t want to raise me back into an upright position. In fact, I have a large pot sitting on my stove that is clean. It belongs in the bottom of the pantry. Know why it isn’t there? BECAUSE I AM NOW INCAPABLE OF BENDING DOWN TO PUT IT THERE. I have had open heart surgery, gallbladder surgery, three c-sections, an appendectomy, tonsils removed, broken bone set, and nothing has hurt as badly as exercising to Jillian. Ok, maybe the open heart surgery, but that is it.

     In order to get my body to cooperate, I have to promise it the recliner and a few Motrin when I am done. I spend the rest of the evening and the next day saying “ow, ow, ow” up until it is time to start the whole routine all over again. The funny part in all this? I was really looking forward to today. My body does need a rest after circuit training. But strangely, instead of being happy, I have felt irritable all day.

     In order to motivate, I made a kick-a$$ Exercise playlist on Spotify. Stuff from the 80s up until now, all very fast-paced. I like to start with Springsteen’s “Born to Run” (which yes, is actually 1974) and then let it shuffle around. If you are interested in looking or listening to my playlist, you can find me as hobbs6799 on Spotify.

     Oh, and just in case you wondered. Ibuprofen doesn’t have any calories.


Disclaimer Section:

I received no pay, no freebies or anything else from AmeriGas for hating them or from Tractor Supply for being unable to purchase propane from them.

Jillian Michaels has no clue I exist. She has given me no pay for mentioning her either. WalMart is the same, nothing free, no free products, no money for saying I shop there. Honestly, I am a little afraid of what would happen if Jillian knew I existed. She scares me.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men and the Fat Girl Next Door

     Robert Burns wrote a line stating, “the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.” Life is like that. I have often heard the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans. I am sure he laughs a lot at me. I am a planner. An OBSESSIVE planner. In fact, to me, making the plans is more than half the fun of anything, I probably miss being an OCD planner by one millimeter of an inch. (I’m just guessing. I am not even sure how much a millimeter is. I don’t math or metric I’m also thinking millimeter and inch don’t go in the same sentence?)

     Yesterday, after I finished my post I planned to do my exercising, have my lunch, rest and then begin preparing supper. I had my meals and my calories all budgeted. I had a PLAN. I finished my first round of exercises and was ready to get down and dirty when my phone rang. It was my youngest daughter. (Who for privacy reasons will henceforth be called Alice.) Alice had just gotten out of school and rather than heading to the library with friends, was vomiting and complaining of side pain. Alice is recovering from mono AND has ruptured her spleen before. I woke the hubby (who for privacy reasons will be called Mickey). Mickey isn’t lazy, Mickey is a third shift worker. We drove to the school, and might I say how charming I looked in my ripped yoga pants, huge t-shirt, unshaven legs, and wildly sticking up hair. I am sure the perfumed aroma of phase one in exercises made me smell meadow fresh as well.

     We ended up taking Alice to the ER so they could do a CT scan on her spleen and liver.Thank God, she was just fine. She has just been overdoing things. By the time we got the good news it was almost 8pm. I still needed to cook supper. I had missed my lunch. I needed to go to the grocery store because I was running low on vegetables and fruits and water. I still had the brutal part of my exercise routine to do, My entire PLAN had been thrown off.

     I knew better than to grocery shop hungry. That’s something horrible waiting to happen. That results in Oreos and Pizza Rolls and other stuff I am trying to reduce in my diet. (Notice I didn’t say cut out, I said reduce. Diet here also refers to my meals. I am NOT in a diet, I am on a lifestyle change. I just knew foods such as those, when I was tired and hungry were a very bad idea.)

     We ended up going out to eat. Fast food in fact. The Fat Girl Next Door had a plan, so it was ok. I realize life happens. You deal. That being said, I had already researched healthy options in the fast food world. We ended up at Zaxby’s. For those of you not in the know, Zaxby’s is a fast food chicken restaurant here in the South. They also are one of the restaurants that has a wonderful nutrition  page on their website.  I ordered the Cobb “Zalad” with grilled chicken, minus the bread, minus the fried onions, half the cheese and double tomatoes and cucumbers. It came in at 440 calories. Not bad at all, I really like the way the “Zalads” are made fresh to order. I also like getting real salad greens and not just nasty iceberg lettuce.

     Afterwards, we went to the grocery store and bought the items we needed. This involved an additional 20 minutes trucking it around the store in a state of panic because at some point during our shopping, Alice had misplaced her phone. The good thing was, we only had to search the outer perimeter. It was hard to find, because for some reason, ( I think it was when she was choosing Bok Choy) she placed the phone with the purple case in the bin with the purple and white turnips.

     We arrived home at 10 pm. I had left my home at 3:35. I was even MORE attractive at this point. I still had the worst of my exercise plan to do. I watched the Blacklist (love that show!!!), let the tension roll off and at 11, I did the exercise routine I had started almost 8 hours prior. I know I was going to fill you in on my exercise program, but the best laid plans…. Tomorrow is rest day, so I will certainly fill you in.

     Tonight’s supper is a vegetable frittata. I have never made one before, but we all love quiche. I am hoping for good things. I am basing it off this recipe from “Taste of Home.” According to the recipe as written, it contains:

1 serving (1 each) equals 177 calories, 12 g fat (2 g saturated fat), 213 mg cholesterol, 264 mg sodium, 10 g carbohydrate, 2 g fiber, 8 g protein.

Here is the recipe as written (and the link back because TFGND does NOT plagarize)



  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/2 cup chopped green pepper
  • 1/2 cup chopped sweet red pepper
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 3 tablespoons Daily Chef 100% Pure Olive Oil, divided
  • 2 medium red potatoes, cooked and cubed
  • 1 small zucchini, cubed
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt




  1. In a 10-in. cast-iron or ovenproof skillet, saute onion, peppers and garlic in 2 tablespoons of oil until the vegetables are tender. Remove vegetables with a slotted spoon; set aside.
  2. In the same skillet over medium heat, lightly brown potatoes in remaining oil. Add vegetable mixture and zucchini; simmer for 4 minutes.
  3. In a bowl, beat eggs, salt and pepper; pour over vegetables. Cover and cook for 8-10 minutes or until eggs are nearly set. Broil 6 in. from the heat for 2 minutes or until eggs are set on top. Cut into wedges. Yield: 4-6 servings.

     Now, I plan on adding broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower and just a sprinkling of  two-percent milk based cheese on top. I also intend on cutting out the olive oil all together and using chicken broth to simmer my veggies. Because I will be using my well-seasoned iron skillet, I shouldn’t need any oils to season the bottom. If I do, then I plan on using about a teaspoon of Olive Oil spread generously around with a paper towel. Anyway, these are my PLANS.

    Tune in tomorrow when I reveal the torture I have been inflicting on myself. Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer One: I am not a doctor, I do not play one on tv or on my blog. What works for me may not work for you. I believe no food is off-limits. I am not vegetarian nor vegan. I am not low-carb. That is MY choice. I do not disparage those who are. We all have to do what works for us.

Disclaimer Two: I received no financial endorsement or freebies or anything else from Zaxby’s (although if they want to load me up on free Zalads, I am more than happy to accept.) They are yet another company that has no clue of my existence.







Welcome to The Fat Girl Next Door

I wasn’t always the Fat Girl Next Door. Once Upon a Time, I was even called “skinny bones” by my classmates. I rode my bike EVERYWHERE. Then, I turned 16, got my drivers license and basically quit exercising. The hows and whys of how I turned into The Fat Girl Next Door is the subject for another day. Today’s first blog is just to introduce myself and let y’all know what’s going on.

What’s going on is I am TIRED of being the Fat Girl Next Door. So, quietly, two weeks ago, I decided to take steps to change that. I enlisted the help of the hubby, the sister, the oldest and youngest daughter, the oldest son and a dear friend. They are my cheerleaders. Cause honey, I can NOT do this without cheerleaders to pick me up and encourage me.

I’m NOT on a diet. I am trying to change my life. No food is off limit. I am just learning portion control and I am learning that while the occasional cheeseburger is just fine, the daily cheeseburger is not. I’m also learning how to exercise. I spent week one just adjusting to the lifestyle change. After I conquered the sweating, nausea and irritability that accompanied giving up crack, I mean soda (according to the hubby my 36 soda a week habit was a little much. Yes, I drank diet. You know, a large burger, fries, shake and ummm a Coke Zero, please.) I decided that maybe some exercise should accompany the better eating plan.

I have worked out almost a week now. And I feel……like I am GOING TO COLLAPSE AND DIE. I do NOT feel great. It hurts to squat down to sit on the potty. Last night, I though I was going to have to spend the night in the bathroom because standing up hurt so badly. I am NOT exaggerating. Tomorrow will be the end of week two and the beginning of week three. At least, I have graduated from hurting and panting from just kneeling down to put the DVD in the player. Now, in just one week, I can insert the DVD AND follow it. And that, is progress.

I found out, under the fat, there seem to be muscles. At least, I am assuming that’s what is hurting. I never heard anyone say, “Oh my aching fat.” or, “I pulled my fat today.” I have certainly NEVER had my fat hurt before, so I am going to go with muscles hidden deep inside.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. We shall see how things are going. I am hoping to add you, my dear readers, to my cheer-leading section. My goal is to lose 2 pounds per week. The first week, I lost 5.6 pounds, but since I am the Fat Girl Next Door, I can expect to lose a little more in the beginning. And to shed half my body weight. Which should ONLY take until June 15th!!!! Oh yeah, of 2015.

I hope you will keep reading. I plan on making you laugh. I will also share my menus, my exercise routine, my ups and my downs and some of my recipes. For now, I am going to let my noodle arms relax.